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Under-Sink Water Filter


€129 initial installation
€39   every six months to replace the filters


Removes fluroide, chlorine, chloramine and other contaminants with at least 99% effectiveness.

Does not strip all minerals from the water 

Is not expensive and only requires the filters replacing every six months.

Provides water for the whole family at a low daily cost of under 50 cents per day.


Health Benefits 

Why Your Body Needs Healthy


Your body depends on clean water to perform its daily functions, such as digestion, temperature and blood regulation, respiration, and detoxification.

In particular, your body's ability to flush out toxins and properly assimilate nutrients depends heavily on an abundant intake of clean chemical free water, the more stress, toxins and pollutants your body battles with each day, the more water it needs.

The quantity and quality of the water you use largely determines your body's ability to shed excess fat and properly maintain your body's largest organ, your skin.

While your entire body is 72 percent water, your skin is 80 percent water.  Plentiful water is needed to maintain your skin's elasticity and moisture barrier.

Your blood is over 90 percent water and uses water to transport oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies throughout your body.